Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Grace!

So what is my big five year old girl up to these days? She's very excited to be going to kindergarten next year and is gearing up for her very first soccer season that starts very soon. It could very well be her only soccer season since she was less then pleased when I dropped the "you can't wear a dress to play soccer" bomb after we signed her up. I've tried to make soccer as appealing as possible with suitably girly soccer shorts in black/pink and purple. She's pretty agreeable to wearing a soccer outfit so long as she can play with a pink soccer ball. I know for a fact her wish will come true because Grandma got her a princess soccer ball for her birthday. Thank you Mom!

Grace is absolutely great at entertaining herself and can happily play with her toys by herself for an entire afternoon. This skill has made my life much easier since I can work on photo editing during Ethan's nap while she plays with her princesses. It's fun to listen in on her solo play when she doesn't realize I'm listening. She seems very intent on role playing "getting married" and the poor Little People Prince can spend an entire hour choosing his bride from the bevy of princesses in Grace's collection.

Grace is finally letting on that she knows how to count and is starting to write her letters and will even write words if I help her spell them but her real strength is her creativity. She can spin elaborate tales and tell stories like nobody's business. I'll have to warn her kindergarten teacher not to believe 75% of the stories she tells. The ones involving dragons and princesses are obvious but the ones like "I got stung by a bee" are not.

Grace's eye surgery is set for August 10th and we have two doctor's visits before then. One for her pre-op check up and the other for her 5 year appointment. It is beyond me why we can't do both at the same time but according to our insurance we can't combine them. The pre-op one is first and I'm hoping I can talk to our pediatrician and have her do the normal 5 year old well child visit stuff at the same time so I can cancel the appointment less then a week afterward. We went ahead and did all her pre-kindergarten shots last year so it's just a regular check up.

P.S. I realize I haven't updated this blog in over a month. My father in law pointed that out to me a couple of times when we were visiting last week! We've been in four states in the last month and I've done 3 photo sessions and edited the photos from June's wedding. Let's just say I've been too busy to edit personal photos or write a blog post. Gobs of updates coming eventually!