Monday, February 28, 2011

Watch out, David's a Blue Belt!

I've been so busy editing and blogging client photos that I haven't taken the time to share the most important February event for our family and that was David earning his blue belt in jiu jitsu!  He's been doing jiu jitsu for awhile now, I posted about David's very first gi in August of 2009.  I also posted some photos from a random practice a year ago.  In the year and a half that he's been doing jiu jitsu he's earned four white stripes and he finally attended 120 classes (just barely!) and tested for his blue belt on February 5th.  He was going down to Corvallis four or five nights a week since Christmas Break in order to have all 120 classes when Rylan Lizare was in town from Hawaii to conduct a seminar and belt test.  Three guys from the Corvallis group tested for their blue belt including David's good friend James.  My Mom very graciously watched our kids so I could bear witness to David's achievement and also bring my camera.  So here's some photos from the blue belt test:

David's reward for all this hard work? A new gi.  He ordered a black one which came in the mail on Friday so after we spent some time cleaning out the garage on Saturday I set up my gray seamless paper and we had ourselves a mini photo session.  I bribed the kids with fruit snacks to hold my reflector and we opened the garage door and did it all natural light.  Grace is getting pretty good at holding a reflector...she may find herself earning some dollars helping Mommy at photo sessions soon!  So here's the newly minted blue belt in his new black gi looking as tough as possible.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I ♥ Faces: Hearts Challenge: Red

And just for the fun of it, sharing a photo from a December session with a friend's girls wearing their pretty red Christmas dresses!  This little girl has the most adorable curly head of hair, but her expression in this photo just cracks me up!

For more Red Photos click on the link below:

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from the Parry Family!  Here's a few more photos from Grace and Ethan's Valentines Session from last week.  They are sooooo excited to hand out their Valentines to their friends at their parties today.  Grace worked hard to write all her classmates names on her Princess Valentines and Ethan helped me tape on candy for his sports themed Valentines.  I went homemade this year and made David's Valentine (thank you MOPS!) and picked up a pen and sketched Batman for Ethan and Cinderella for Grace.  It's been awhile since I've done much drawing but it's something I would like to get back in touch with.  If I'm brave I'll share pics!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I ♥ Faces: Hearts Challenge

This week's I Heart Faces theme is hearts so last week's Valentines session with my kids was perfect! For more photos from this session you can check out my photography site.

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