Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Photos

I had everything set up for a photo session yesterday so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of my kids in their Christmas outfits. I'm particularly thrilled with Ethan's, but together they're pretty gosh darn cute!

Grace is wearing a Hanna Andersson See You At Seven holiday dress I scored on Ebay in August for $7. I love buying off season!

Ethan's outfit started with the vest I bought brand new (tags still attached!) from Goodwill this fall. We found the gray slacks and matching hat on super clearance at Gymboree and the white Van Housen dress shirt from Value Village (thrift store). The green chucks were bought this summer for $8 from the Converse Outlet and the red and white polka dot tie came from Etsy. LOVE the tie! Totally using it for Valentines photos in a month or two...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grace gave herself a hack job....errrr "haircut"

Today Grace joined the ranks of all the other children in the world who have taken it upon themselves to cut their own hair. Not one to keep the fun to herself, she also politely chopped at Ethan's hair too. Such a kind sister.

I discovered the misdeed when I walked into the kitchen and saw the hair on the ground. And then I saw the scissors. And then I called Grace into the kitchen to survey the damage she did to herself. It really wasn't too bad, she mostly just hacked her half pony tail off. I've seen and heard much worse horror stories of little girls really scalping themselves. And I can bear witness that once upon a time I once decided to cut my own bangs with disastrous results. Cutting half a pony tail off is nothing!

After explaining to Grace the seriousness of the situation and that she would need to say goodbye to her long princess hair and say hello to short hair she was filled with immediate regret. I don't think she had any idea that cutting her hair off was permanent. She also told me she cut it on the advice of Ethan. I told her that next time she should probably think twice before following the beauty advice of a three year old boy.

It was dinner time but instead of eating we jumped in the car to head to the beauty salons in town to find one that might be able to fit us in. Naturally Grace chose the busiest time of year for hair salons but the second one we tried (Envy for locals!) said they could fit us in at 8pm. That gave us time to go home, eat dinner, and try to figure out what on earth to do with Grace's hair. After she was done crying Grace decided that maybe a short rock star haircut wouldn't be so bad. We even looked up some pictures online (God bless Google Image search!) and agreed that a bob might be cute. I've kind of wanted to cut her hair short for awhile but Grace has adamantly refused. I figured that this was the best time to go for it so we did!

The hair stylist was really nice and Grace was enthralled with everything about her. She asked her all about her hair (and whether or not she cut her own hair...a resounding NO) and the hair products next to her. Thirty minutes later and she looked pretty gosh darn cute! As you can see from the following photos, the rock star haircut has received a good reception by the little princess. I might even talk her into keeping it!