Friday, October 7, 2011

My Baby is FOUR!

I really can't believe that my baby is turning four today.  In fact he turns four in just under two 10:25 this morning.  I remember his birth very well, mostly just how utterly exhausted I was from laboring all night and how much energy I felt the moment I gave birth to him.  He was definitely not the cutest baby immediately after birth, he looked pretty beat up and had the scrunchiest old man face but we loved him anyways.  Still do in fact.  I never knew just how special the mother son relationship could be before I gave birth to my son but I have to say that it's taken me by surprise.  I love this boy more than words can say!
It's not a post from me without a thousand pictures, and I tried my darndest to keep it to a minimum but I had a really hard time choosing my favorite photos of Ethan from the past year.  I tried to choose some of my favorites that show his personality and some that I haven't shared here before.  He's such a boy!
Things Ethan is totally into right now:
The Flash
Iron Man
Any sport
Any super hero
Dress up
Eating whole apples
Super Hero capes
Snuggling with Mommy and Daddy

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Day in the Life: October 1, 2011

The Momtographers group I am a part of had a "Day in the Life" challenge this week where we photographed an entire day start to finish.  I had great intentions to do it all week and kept forgetting until three hours into the day but finally remembered to do it Saturday morning while camping at the coast.  So not a regular day, but at least I did it!  I'll try again to capture a regular day this week maybe.
7:14am First thing I see waking up in the yurt...the skylight.  And then Ethan dropped a pillow on my head.
7:20am Back from the bathroom with the kids and reading a chapter of Feast of Crows on the Kindle while the kids played.  Dreaming of hot coffee.
8:06am James and Jessi are on a walk with Vinnie.  The kids are still playing and David is up and starting the morning fire.  Feels awesome!
8:43am Coffee is finally ready.  Rejoice.
9:53am On our way to the beach
 10:31am Found a way cool chunk of barnacles that washed up on the beach.  The barnacle creatures were still alive and moving and we watched them for quite awhile.
10:51am Still playing on the beach...barely any wind and gorgeous beach weather!  (Photo by David Parry who wants you all to know that he can take pretty pictures too)
12:12pm Back to the campsite.
12:23pm Lunch!
1:31pm The girls and Vinnie went on a walk while the boys napped in the yurt.
2:14pm Decision time...which way to go?  We chose right because who can say no to a hiker-biker camp?
2:21pm Still walking...this time north along the beach and treeline.  Great view.
3:17pm Back to the campsite and Ethan is up from his nap.
3:51pm Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider late afternoon pick me up.
4:48pm Just started the evening fire and hanging out
5:41pm Dinnertime.  Turkey hot dog roasted over the fire...hit the spot!
6:32pm The bazillionth bathroom trip of the day. Be glad I spared you the trip with the poopy underwear.
6:36pm Self portrait in the bathroom mirror.  Not too bad for no shower all day.
6:45pm S'mores time!
7:55pm The kids played Headbanz with Daddy and James in the yurt.  This was the last shot I got for the day because afterwards there wasn't enough light for photos.  Mostly we just sat by the fire until we went to bed early :)