Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt Fun!

This month I've been participating in a photo scavenger hunt put on by my favorite photography website Clickin Moms.  The kids and I have driven all over the place to find oddball and obscure items to cross off our list.  As of the writing of this post I am up to 164 items found which is about halfway through the list.  I've just about exhausted all my resources so now I'll be bugging all my friends and family between here and Idaho so look out!

Here's a list of some of the items I'm currently on the lookout for.  If you have any of the items and you're willing to let me come over and photograph please let me know!  If you know where I can find some of these that would also be a big help.  Thank you!

"No Shoes No Shirt No Service" Sign
3 Legged Dog
4 Leaf Clover
A "Where's George?" dollar bill
A Tattooed man on a pink bicycle
Adult in footie pjs
Adult on roller skates
Adult twins
An acid washed skirt
An El Camino
Animal with 2 different colored eyes
Billboard with a camera on it
Blooming Cactus
Bottle of Dom Perignon 2002
Candy Corn
Covered Bridge
Curling Stone
David Hasslehoff Poster
Delorian (the real car)
Dog with blue eyes
False Teeth
Green fire hydrant
Heart shaped swimming pool
Log Cabin
Man in powder blue tux
Man with a handlebar mustache
Misspelled Tattoo
Mullet (the hairstyle)
Pachinko Machine
Person with 2 color eyes
Person with a purple cast
Pink Suitcase
Prickly Pear Cactus
Rubberband Ball
Someone wearing false eyelashes
Someone wearing a sumo wrestler suit
Stork bite
Tarot cards
Troll Doll
Turkey Wishbone
Two $2 bills
Whoopie cushion
Zero candy bar

Amusing Items I've already crossed off my list:
Car with 2004 Election Bumper Sticker
House numbered 123
Worker at a Drive Thru Window
Zebra print thong underwear
Blue lipstick
Someone jumping in a pool with clothes on
Pie Eating Contest
Person with a gold tooth
Ferris Wheel
Grown Man on a pogo stick (my husband must love me!)
Cat on a leash (Boo now hates me)
Adult in a tutu (yep I squeezed in one this morning)