Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

I started Mothers Day weekend off with a Mothers Day tea with my Mom and daughter at my Mom's church in Sherwood.  Grace was entranced by the three sisters that provided musical entertainment and sang Our God is an Awesome God right along with them complete with matching hand gestures.  She even wrote them a thank you on her ticket and gave it to them after the tea.
We took pictures in between rain bursts, this one is of my Mom and her hanging fuchsia that my husband and brother picked out for her.  They had to call and text me to ask what a fuchsia looked like but they managed to pick out a very pretty plant. 
 I made sure to get one of me and my Mom since I was looking through old photos to do a Mothers Day blog post and realized that the last decent one of just the two of us was taken in 2003 when I graduated college.  David didn't get one of us with my brother, but he was here!
 My kids may look back at family photos one day and wonder why on earth they only saw me on Mothers Day.  Seems like it's the only time of the year that I make it out from behind the camera!  I promise I'm not camera shy, I just need to be better about switching my camera to Auto and handing it over to other people every now and again.
 And while we were at it we got a photo of the three of us and Thor.  Didn't you know I birthed a Norse God three years ago?