Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

I realize I'm posting about Christmas on Ground Hogs Day but hey, at least I'm attempting to catch up!  The holidays are a blur for me anyways so any attempt at keeping up with this blog is futile so I don't even try.  Keeping up three blogs, one of which requires a daily photo is a lot of work!

This year we managed to get a Christmas tree (last year we didn' this is an improvement!) and it was lovely.  We enjoyed it for a good two weeks before we took down all the ornaments and passed it on to our neighbors before we left for Idaho.  Seriously, we unplugged the lights, threw the cord over the top, and our neighbor's hauled it out the front door stand/lights and all and brought it in their back door and plugged it in.  Instant Christmas Tree, just add ornaments.

We spent the weekend before Christmas in Sherwood visiting my Mom and doing our Christmas together.  Grace, Mom, and I got all dressed up and went downtown to see The Nutcracker which was a lot of fun.  This was the first time we've taken Grace to see the Oregon Ballet version and I think she really enjoyed it.

After a super busy day of cleaning the house and packing we made the long trek to Idaho to visit David's family for 10 days.  David and I snuck out a few times to see a movie or two (wahoo!) and even got to go on a coffee date at our favorite coffeeshop The Flying M in Nampa.  This was the first year that Christmas Eve was celebrated somewhere other than Opa and Oma's house in Caldwell, and instead we all gathered in Weiser at David's Oom Ray's house.  Ethan had an absolute blast following David's youngest cousin Rein around with a Nerf gun.  It's a good thing he found one under the tree for him the next day!

The Parry family had the distinct honor of lighting the Advent candle at Christmas morning service at 11am which meant we had to plan out our morning fairly strategically.  Concerned about getting five adults and two small children fed/dressed/and ready to leave by 10:30am we arranged a shower schedule to have us all dressed and ready by 7am when we woke the kids up to start opening the pile of presents.  Miraculously we managed to be completely done with Christmas, including a sit down breakfast by 9:18am.  Next year I'm hoping we don't have to set alarms or shower before 7am!