Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Card Photo Outtakes

Last week I gamely attempted to take pictures of the kids in their Christmas jammies for our photo Christmas cards. Last year the cards didn't happen because I couldn't get a decent picture of the two kids to save my life. Seriously, this is what I was working with:

Needless to say I was dreading this year's pictures a little bit but was hopeful that Grace might not look at Ethan with such a look of disgust and that Ethan might not be screaming his head off. It's been awhile since Grace has flat out refused to be in the same picture as her little brother so that was another good sign.

When the sun came out late last week I jumped on the chance for natural lighting and selected the best lit section of the house, the master bedroom. I taped a white sheet to our closet doors, made sure each child was fed/hair brushed/dressed in jammies/nose wiped and said a quick prayer. Thankfully the kids were in fairly good moods and even sat still for me! I still had to fix the sheet several times as the tape failed a few times. And then the camera battery died. God was smiling down on me that day because despite the short photo session I managed to get some good pictures, or at least good enough pictures for our Christmas cards!

So now you all can enjoy a sneak preview and a few outtakes. Unfortunately I have no decent photo editing software on the laptop at the moment so I'm making due with what I got.


Aly sun said...

Great, great job. I had to chuckle at last year's picture. I am glad you didn't trash it, because it gives such good perspective on how things can change given some time.

The pictures are really nice, very pro!

jackie goddard said...

i really like the one with the christmas lights! also, i like the new template. do you guys know what days you are going to be in idaho? i am spending xmas with you guys since my family is going to seattle and i need to work while i can!