Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet the Parry Family: Boo

It's time to meet the non-human members of the Parry Family, and first up is Boo! Boo joined our family in October of 2002 when she meowed pitifully outside our bedroom window and David rescued her. We were living in University housing at the time and cats weren't allowed, but we ran the risk and have had her in our lives ever since.

Here's some fun facts about Boo:
  • We celebrate Boo Foundling Day on October 3rd since we have no idea when her real birthday is!
  • Boo is quite possibly the coolest cat I've ever met, in fact David swears she's not a cat at all because he doesn't like cats but loves Boo!
  • She goes nutso over popcorn
  • She tolerates all kinds of abuse from the kids and has never once done more then growl her annoyance
  • She has never been a shy cat, she will quite happily stretch out to be the center of attention in any gathering
  • She absolutely hates getting brushed out
  • She is petrified of the water bottle, we don't even have to spray her anymore. All we do is set the water bottle next to whatever we want her to leave alone (Christmas tree) and it works very well.
  • Speaking of Christmas, Boo has a curly ribbon fetish and will chew it to bits so I have to hide presents with curly ribbon from her!
  • She's not a fan of being in the car, though she's made several long trips and has visited Oregon, Idaho, and Washington
  • She insists on privacy while using her litter box. If you glance in her direction when she's using it she will stop what she's doing and glare at you until you look away.
  • She will never starve because she starts demanding her dinner around 4pm and doesn't let up until her food has been served, even if she already has food in her bowl left over from breakfast!
  • David was the one that came up with the name Boo, which we liked because we found her in October and she has grey/orange/black coloring. It's totally suited her personality!


Tom said...

I hope you know that my birthday is also October 3rd...dual reasons to celebrate now!

Anonymous said...

rather see her p-ssy