Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goodwill Bargains!

I love thrift stores, it's so much fun to browse through the racks and find the gems. I'm always one to sniff out the good deals so when I was greeted by a friendly salesclerk and told that all clothes/linens over $2.99 were $2 off and purple tags were 50% off I thought "Hot dog!" and got busy browsing. I was mostly hoping to find a skirt or two for me for the summer because my wardrobe needs the most help. Especially in warm weather bottoms. I have a pair of denim capris that are 2 sizes too big but I can wear if I wear a belt. I also have a pair of light khaki shorts, long chocolate brown shorts, a plaid pair of bermuda shorts 2 sizes too big, and a blue pair of long shorts 2 sizes too big. See the trend? Too big. Not that I'm complaining about the size, I'd just like to have clothes to wear that don't require me to hike them up every 20 seconds.

After an hour of scouring we left Goodwill with our treasures. We spent $12.93 and came away with a skirt for me (!), a Beauty and the Beast puzzle for Grace (she's getting into the harder 100 piece ones!), a pair of black snow bibs for Grace for next year (they had purple and pink but I figure black will work for Ethan in a few years much better), a long sleeve shirt for Grace for next fall, a pair of flannel two piece Buzz Light Year pajamas for Ethan in 3T (2-3 years from now at his rate of growth but too cute to pass up), and two costumes for Grace. Everything was $.99 except for my skirt ($2.99) and the snow bibs ($4.99).

The costumes were probably the best deal, at least compared to the osbsenly high Disney Store prices! I can't find the sizes on them anywhere but I'm guessing 4-6x. I spotted the Jasmine costume first and about gasped when I saw the $.99 price. Grace went bananas when I showed it to her and was ready to do cart wheels when I showed her the mermaid costume next. The mermaid tail costume is handmade and is pretty big on her right now. I think it's supposed to be a skirt but we're using it as a tube dress. Grace wanted to know where the matching bra was of course. I rubberbanded the skirt to make it the right size around for her but will need to think of a better solution. Any ideas? Take in the seam 2"?

As soon as Grace finished her lunch I let her try her costumes on and snapped a few pictures. I love her poses! I told her to pose like Jasmine/Ariel and she did quite a nice job. She even sang two Little Mermaid songs for me while modeling her Ariel costume. In fact she's now sitting on the couch in the mermaid costume watching The Little Mermaid. Yes, those costumes were money well spent.

Grace modeling her Jasmine costume. It's a little long in the legs but doable. She told me later on that Jasmine doesn't cover her tummy and that she's "spicy". I couldn't stop laughing.

And here she is showing off her Little Mermaid costume. She's wondering where her bra is in the first picture and telling me about how Ariel has feet when she's a human in the second picture. Then she sang Under the Sea. We love that song!


Aly sun said...

Good deals! I love stuff like that, but gave up on Good Will in town because the prices are generally high. I guess I need to get back in there.

Lindsay said...

NICE! I think I may head over there this afternoon!

Grace looks so cute in that jasmine outfit, and I laughed about her "spicy" comment!