Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Baseball Pics!

I know you all can't live another moment without seeing more baseball photos. Or maybe you can and you're getting bored, in which case I suggest not looking at this post. From my count I think there were 29 of us at the game, of course some of us don't like to play (give me a camera over a bat any day) and some were too small. We still had enough for two good sized teams though! I tried my best to get pictures of everyone, though I think I missed a few.

Making up the teams took some discussions. Ethan doesn't look too sure about his team does he?

Ethan also made sure to get in on the warm up action. He had at least one ball in his hands the entire game. That boy likes balls.

Katie looked so cute in her hat!

And there goes Pat, rounding third. Just wait until you see his mohawk in the pictures I share tomorrow. You'll be impressed.

David taking a turn at pitching.

Jonathon on base!

Sitting down on the job? Come on Josh, let's see what you got!

Carrie taking a break to watch the action with Tatum.

Grace and Miriam had a great time playing on the playground. As much as Ethan loves balls Grace dislikes them. They really are polar opposites when it comes to sports.

Miriam and Ethan both liked the tee ball set up. I don't think Grace even tried it!

Melinda and Kim watching their team's turn to bat.

Carrie on third! Can you tell that's where I was sitting :)

Ethan took a turn with the kick ball. He didn't understand why he had to leave the ball behind after he kicked it. He made it to first base and was done. Yay Ethan!

Nate chasing after the ball.

Josh ready to hit a home run.

Here comes the outfielders!

Carrie looking thrilled that she pitched a home run. Whoops!

Margaret was our youngest fan in attendance.

Tatum had a great time watching her Mom, Dad, and big brother play ball!

Stay tuned for barbecue & movie pictures tomorrow!


Own Self said...

Love love love these Kellie! We had such an awesome time. Your parties/gettogethers are always awesome. So much fun to be had by ALL!