Friday, May 29, 2009

Everybody Luau!

It's that time of year again, all of our activities are winding down for summer including Indoor Park. Today was the last day of Indoor Park for the semester and we had our annual Luau Party to celebrate so of course we had to dress for the part. Grace's luau dress from last year still fits as a top but Ethan couldn't squeeze into his Hawaiian shirt. Oh well. I looked at last year's Luau Party blog post and was amazed at the difference a year makes. Grace was in the very beginning stages of growing out her bangs and was just starting to potty train. Was that really a year ago? Seems much l0nger then that. We've come a long ways baby!

Before we left I snapped a few pictures of the kids in their luau getup. Good thing I did because Ethan's white shirt didn't stay pristine very long.

Several of the kids broke out the hula hoops and gave them a shot. Grace still doesn't get the hula technique but likes to fling the hula hoop around her waist and watch it drop to the floor.

We also had fun crafts today. Grace made a beautiful lei necklace out of colored noodles, paper flowers, and yarn. She also made a lovely "grass skirt" out of crepe paper that she didn't want to wear.

After crafts we had a limbo contest for the kids which was hilarious to watch. Not too many of them caught on to the concept but they thought it was fun anyways. The prize at the end (a whistle) was more then worth the effort!

Ethan didn't get to do a craft or the limbo but he didn't care because he had balls and the play piano to play with. Who needs organized activities when you're a little guy?


Jacque said...

Potty training ftw! one more child and you have an uncle ready to babysit for the evening.