Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mysteries of Parenthood

Just now I found one chunky red Lego in the washing machine as I transferred the clean and wet clothes to the dryer. How did it get there? Neither child was in the laundry room when I dumped the clothes in. They were never even in a laundry basket. How did I not notice it when I put the clothes in? And more perplexing of all, why is it there?

There are just too many mysteries on this parenting trip. Some are probably best left unexplained. Some just leave me scratching my head.


Mr. Deters said...

Just be glad it was only a Lego. It could have been worse.

Aly sun said...

Yep... the mysteries of parenting are usually far more destructive when involving kids and laundry. Take chapstick for instance. It should never go through the dryer.